The Idea

Christmas continues to grow worldwide as a multicultural celebration of friends and
family. Traditional decoration items have been in the world for many years now. While traditional trees are the most classic styles, our items are more lifestyle, ornamental and much
more design. Our item is a great choice for Christmas Gifts, decoration and even a collection from your office desk to your bedroom for this grateful festival.

The Package

One of the important things about a product is Packaging. A design & Beautiful
package can attract customer attention looking at it. That is why we concern not only the products, but also the package itself. Using transparent box, customers are able to
see through what the product looks like. With the design graphics, customers know
what type of our products are. Theme is also important. That is why we design
a coffin style package to match the Halloween festival.

          The Invention

                       We are the first to invent this magnet ornaments for
          Christmas trees. For each ornament, we install a magnet
inside so that you can put anywhere onto our Christmas tree.
It is certain making your Christmas special. In the upcoming        
future, we will design more magnets ornaments for you.       

The Design

Where Christmas Meets Design & Where Design Meets Shapes
This is our concept of design. In this ceuntry, design has become one of the important element
to the world. People are more care & concern the design starting from their living rooms to
their personal spaces. That is how we input our design into Christmas trees. The overall
shape of Christmas tree is still very similar to the traditional one. We also put the lights in it.
With the function of button, the LED lights are able to do flashing, steady, & On/Off. You can
even choose the colors of LED such as Blue, Green...etcs.

Patented, Copy and Design Rights

Due to these are all brand new designs, our products comply with World-wide Patented, Copy and Design Rights before it
launched to the market. Our products are patented in most major countries to security our design without copy by the others,
and we do not hesitate to take legal action against any infringement.

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