The Bathroom and Kitchen Sound System

Welcome to KBsound® where our ceiling speakers that will give you different bathroom or cooking experience. KBsound values elegant and beauty which comes in colors of white, chrome, matt chrome and nickel. All our products are designed to suit your stylish requirements.

The Design

The stunning KBSound® iSelect remote control is stylish and simple to operate and includes an LCD display to show you which frequency you are listening to. It comes with an adhesive hook which your remote magically flosts on the wall when you are not using it. The power supply and tuner installs out of the way hidden inside the ceiling and completely operated by the remote. Elegant line with a beautiful finish that will give you a very nice interior decorated.

Easy Installation

Installing the ceiling speakers is very easy. Whether you are renovation or existing home, our speakers are fit for your own needed. Ceiling radio comes with easy installation manuals. With drilling two holes and simply electricty wiring, now you can enjoy your music.

Why KBSound?

A ceiling radio is always an unique feature when it comes to home entertainment. A LCD display on remote control shows you which frequency you are listening to. The 2.5” speakers give you incredibly rich and bass sound, and even greater on the 5” speakers model. With iSelect dock connects (Sold separately), you not only listen your radio but your songs or musics in your ipod, iphone or other audio sources. This is definitely enhance the music experience inside your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere in your house.

These high quality speakers will give you a calm and a relaxing time at your own home. For those of you who loves singing or enjoying music while taking a shower, KBSound system is what you are looking for.

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